What are the advantages of truly integrated credit card processing from Sintel Systems?

Sintel Systems POS systems provide integrated credit card, gift card, and loyalty program processing with all our POS systems making us truly your one stop solution for all you needs. This means that you never have to deal with any third party. That is one of the advantages of selecting Sintel Systems.

Our systems allow you to integrate any merchant account with our POS systems; however, you will need to purchase a software called PC-Charge. That is if you do not choose our free integrated processing. The fee for that is paid directly to PC Charge.  We do the integration for free as a courtesy.  The fee is for the software and technical support by them. However, at that point please realize that you will be dealing with three separate entities for technical support as follows:

  1. Sintel Systems will provide all POS support. (Free Support with Sintel Systems)
  2. PC Charge will provide support for the interface and integration.
  3. Your own merchant account will provide their support.

This is instead of just receiving all your needed support by one source.The problem is simple, your merchant account and PC Charge do not allow us access to their systems. With our processing, we have oversight over all your POS matters. The other major problem is that with your own credit card processing, you may need to reveal your passwords to employees, while with our system, those passwords are encrypted into the systems. This is kind of ironic. Your employees get to have your password, but your POS provider cannot have access.

This is in addition to the upfront fee you have to pay to PC Charge. I would highly recommend going with our one-stop solution. It’s just not worth the trouble.

You don’t look for the cheapest rent for your store, but the best location for you operation. You also don’t hire the cheapest manager to run your store, but the most qualified. In business, look for value not just cheapest.

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