What is a Point of Sale system?

Point Of Sale

What is a Point of Sale system? Hardware? Software?

You may be wondering what exactly is a Point of Sale (or POS) system. Without even knowing it, you have come in contact with a POS nearly anytime you buy a cup of coffee, buy a slice of pizza or check into a hotel. A POS system is a stark contrast from the standard cash register, and it benefits a business in many valuable ways.

The hardware of a POS is made up of, but not limited to, barcode scanners, touch screen displays, receipt printers and cash drawers. When they are used all together, they make up an electronic cash registry system. This part of the business is the most important, because it is dealing directly with the customer.

When a POS system does its job correctly a transaction is made. The business makes money, and the customer walks away satisfied, and perhaps return again soon.

Though a function of a POS is to make sale transactions, it is by no means a cash register. A POS is like a cash register on steroids. Not only can the POS system make sales but it can also track inventory and maintain customer histories. They become an irreplaceable part of any business.

The software of a POS can be catered towards what kind of business you own. Sintel Systems offers POS software for Salons, Retail stores and various different types of restaurants such as sushi, steakhouse and pizzeria. The key feature on the Pizzeria POS is its intuitive, easy-to-learn interface that makes it painless to train employees and quick to process orders. Fast and accurate order processing and effective management tools also make running the back office simple and easy.

By having these options tailored specifically to your business allows much greater speed, convenience and productivity. A POS system allows you to focus on growing and expanding your business instead of managing employee time cards, inventory and even tax reporting.

Can your cash register do that?

One of the greatest benefits of owning a POS system from Sintel Systems is that they are a solutions provider. They service a client from concept to installation through support. Since they offer both POS hardware and software, if you happen to have issues with either, you will only have to look to one place for help.

A POS system is what keeps a business going. While you may be the face of your company, a POS is the man behind the scenes.

Sintel Systems is quality provider point of sale systems to the entire retail and service industries including juice and smoothie shops. Its clients include major franchise and chain operations.

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