Why is POS Technical Support Needed?

Why is another reason POS Technical Support Needed?  Here are some hints:breach banner @ Sintel Systems

1. Dairy Queen – Backoffice malware attacks customer data at 395 stores.
2. P.F. Chang’s – Credit and debit card information had been compromised at 33 restaurants, dating back to October 2013.
3. Michaels Stores –  About 3 million customer debit and credit cards were acknowledged stolen by this crafts
4. Target – 70 million customers data breached in a couple of weeks.
5. Neiman Marcus – Between July 16, 2013 to October 30, 2013, hackers accedes in store credit and debit card transaction information. An estimation of 1.1 million consumers were affected.
6. Albertsons & SuperValu – Stores under the AB Acquisitions LLC were hacked, including Albertsons and SuperValu. Combined, nearly a thousand stores nation wide were affected.
7. Sally Beauty – Approximately over 280,00 card information was stolen and sold on an underground crime store. Banks bought back the information and discovered the common source to be Sally Beauty.
8. Home Depot – Hackers were able to deploy malware into self-checkout systems in the U.S. and Canada, which compromised 56 million credit cards and 53 million emails.
9. Staples – The office supply  store announced a data breach had taken place in 119 and resulted in theft of 1.16 million consumers card information.
10. Bebe – December, 2013, women’s retailer announced a month long breach that took place a month prior.

After the security breach at Target,  the company was  sued in Federal court in a complaint that specifically read “Target failed to implement and maintain reasonable security procedures and practices appropriate to the nature and scope of the information compromised in the data breach.” Basically, Target was accused of failing to properly maintaining their POS and transactional network which cost them millions in damages for a breach that only lasted a short time.

And now hackers are moving from larger retailers and targeting the POS systems of smaller businesses as well.Retailers must remember that the ultimate responsibility of maintaining their POS systems safe rests with the business owner and they can held liable for any breaches.

Since hackers quickly use new technologies, the only sustainable defense is continuously maintaining, updating, and upgrading POS systems.  There are routine maintenance protocols, periodic upgrades and now ones that have to react quickly to new threats.

Technical support has evolved from simply assisting when the need arises to helping protect the security of POS systems with routine, incidental, and on demand maintenance (patches/updates/upgrades).

Here are some other reasons why an all inclusive technical support plan is needed.

We work for only pennies per hour for you. So, why else should you maintain your Technical Support Plan?

The plan will pay for itself without you even knowing it. We will be working to keep your system optimized with software upgrades and routine maintenance so your system is always up to date as it should be.Sintel Systems Technical Support

Most of us don’t call the fire department in a given year and don’t question continuing having the local fire department because we want them there when we need them. Also, throughout the year they provide inspection services, enact preventive measures, and offer community educational services. You may never know that the brush they cleared nearby saved your home or their inspection services ensured that fires don’t spread. As a society, we continue to demand them even though 99 percent of us don’t call them in an average year.

This is very similar to POS support, service, and training provided by Sintel Systems. Rest assured, you have received support even if you have not called us. How?

1. Sintel Systems provides various POS software upgrades which are typically done during non-business hours.

2. Sintel Systems actively monitors your system and takes preventive measures before they become your problem.

3. If you have called us for assistance, we take the time to see if you have other hidden issues with the POS systems.

4. We get calls from employees all the time. Sometimes they don’t want to call the owner and other times they cannot reach the owner. If security was not the issue, we’ve resolved the issues without bothering the owner.

5. New employee training. If your manager runs your store and you hired a new employee, we may have helped your manager train the new employee.

6. Warranty Facilitation: Ever been back to a store to seek warranty exchange and you are told the you need to deal with the manufacturer because it is a “Manufacturer’s Warranty.” If you have a support plan, we take care of your warranty issues as well. And if you are on our Rapid Replacement Program, you get a new system the next day.

These are just some of the services as part of the POS support plan, but the benefits don’t stop there.

Some of the added benefits of POS support and service plan include:
** FREE software upgrades with new version benefits
** FREE updates on installation and service
** FREE troubleshooting on warranty products and 24 hour turnaround on equipment replacement with the option of Rapid Replacement Warranty
** Facilitate all warranty exchanges with a phone call to Sintel Systems
** Flat-rate Gift Card shippingfor only $20 anywhere across the world
** 10% OFF all POS supplies

How much does all this cost? Under our Franchise Growth Oriented Program (FGOP), enjoy a subsidy of $705 from the market rate of $1,500 and only pay $795 for the first terminal. Even better is that with the second terminal, customers receive a $1,100 subsidy and under FGOP get support for only $400. That is a savings of $1,805!!!!

You get Sintel Systems for only only $2.18 per day if you have 1 terminal and $3.27 per day if you have 2 terminals. At close to $80 per day for your average employee, Sintel Systems drives great value. Sintel Systems has been recognized as having the highest rate of response with the lowest support and service fee. Competitor prices start at over $1,500 a year per terminal. Here is the low cost pricing for all the great benefits above.

Sintel Systems offers one of the best service and support plans for our Point of Sale systems:

  • $2.18 per Day: All customers who purchase a 12-month plan at time of purchase. All this for $795 or only $2.18 per day if you have 1 terminal and $1,195 or only $3.27 if you have 2 terminals.

The average US employee costs an employer close to $10 per hour when they are working. You can utilize the Sintel Systems Technical Support Team for much less with an active Technical Support Plan.

Sintel Systems is the dependable partner you need and can count on!

Questions or comments? Contact our friendly technical staff. We don’t have a sales force, so give us a call.

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