Why should I offer gift cards?

Why Should I Offer Gift Cards?

What is the easiest and perfect solution for any last minute holiday or special occasion shopper? Gift cards! People love gift cards because instead of pretending to like that yellow and red sweater with the candy canes on the sleeves, they can go out and buy the gift they really wanted for themselves.

Gift cards are proven to be convenient gift ideas for your customers. The proof of their popularity is in their sales numbers. According to the CEB TowerGroup, gift card sales are expected to rise 10% this year to $1 billion. That is a lot of gift cards.

Remember, gift cards are not just for the holidays or birthdays. People buy them year round. They can also be used as refillable coupons that drive revenue. Typically more than half of gift card customers will spend more than the value of the card.

Gift cards for as little as $1 can be used in a variety of ways.

They can be given to referral sources, such as other local businesses, for them to reward their clients.

They can be used for prizes or rewards at local charity events, school drives or other community activities.

Gift cards can also incentivize a group to start coming to your business. Small dollar cards can be left with church groups, fire stations, police stations or near mass transit locations. It all depends on your business and whom you’d like to draw.

Set your gift cards apart from the others by customizing their look. A designed gift card promotes your brand. It also makes the giver more proud and the receiver gets a cooler looking gift.

One of the many services Sintel Systems offers is customizing gift cards. All you need to do is submit your design to Sintel Systems and we’ll will work with you in creating the ideal gift card for your business.

Once more, Sintel System’s gift cards can be used as a gift card or membership points cards with your POS System.

All gift card orders include the following:

  1. Front & Back Four-Color Printing
  2. Magnetic Strip
  3. Magnetic Strip Coding

Give us a call and find out how we can help you drive revenue by tailoring a gift card program for your business.

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