What are the top 10 mistakes I need to avoid when buying a POS system?

What are the top 10 mistakes I need to avoid when buying a POS system? 
1.     Buying a POS before testing it.

You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive, so why wouldn’t you test your Point of Sale system? If the basic operations like a cash sale or adding inventory are not simple to use then that POS system is not the right choice. You need to look around and make sure you are investing in a POS system that is not only easy to use but helpful for your business.
2.     Acquiring the POS hardware before the POS software
Not all Point of Sale hardware and software are compatible.  Many people make the mistake of purchasing their software first. They are limited to software that is appropriate for their hardware. It is important to first purchase software that is the well-suited for your type of business i.e. pizzeria, frozen yogurt, sushi or retail, and then decide on the hardware.
3.     Purchasing credit card processing before buying the POS software
Just like how not all hardware and software are compatible for one another, not all software and credit card processing services can work together. That is why it is important to choose your software first before acquiring anything else for your POS system.
4.     Ordering a POS with features not customized for your business.
It is important to remember that when ordering your POS system you need to have features that are tailored for your individual business. Why should your POS system have features for a retail store when you run a pizzeria? It shouldn’t! A Point of Sale system is meant to make managing your business easier. That is why when you decide on your POS software it should have all the features that your business truly needs. If you own a pizzeria you would want your POS to have such features as: a workflow tailored to ordering a pizza for fast and accurate order processing, the ability to select delivery, pick-up or eat in, employee scheduling & time sheets, kitchen display and label printing for boxes.

5.     Hiring someone to choose for you.
The Point of Sale is the center for any business. That is why you need to make sure that your POS has everything you need to run your business while being easy to use. You know your business and you know what your business needs. Why then would you have someone else choose your POS for you? Instead, work with a POS solution provider that has the experience of providing systems to different businesses and takes the time to understand your specific situation.

6.     Importing your inventory from your old system
Most likely if you are purchasing a new POS it is because your old one is not working as well as it once did. It is more than likely that the old system was not accurate and organized your inventory poorly.  With the purchase of a new POS, you should start fresh. Import your customer list, but leave your inventory out. That way you can arrange your inventory however you like on your new POS system.

7.     Waiting until opening day to set up your POS
Opening day of a business is always a stressful one, so why make it even more stressful by not knowing how to work your POS. You should always train your employees and yourself on the POS days before your grand opening. This way you know how the system works and can feel confident that you’re POS will help make your opening day run smoothly.
8.     Procuring your POS hardware and software from two different providers
Instead of being able to turn to one provider for help with your POS, you will be forced to turn to two or more. Purchasing your POS hardware and system from the same provider reduces stress and allows you to focus on your business. Your POS provider will know the in’s and out’s of not only your hardware but your software as well.

9.     Purchasing your POS from a provider that is not a solutions provider.
A solutions provider like Sintel Systems services their clients from concept through installation through support. They are there for your business 24/7 to offer you support, service and training on your POS hardware and software. You can rest easy knowing that they are keeping an eye on your business when you are not around.

10.  Believing that a POS is the same as a cash register
A Point of Sale system and a cash register are entirely two different entities. A cash register can simply make a sales transaction and give you change. While a POS can track inventory, maintain customer histories, manage employee time keeping, schedule appointments and integrate credit card processing or merchant accounts. A Point of Sale system is for the serious business owner who wants to optimize their time and their employees efforts.

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