Word Play: Fast Food vs Fast Casual

Word Play Fast Food vs Fast Casual Article - Sintel Systems 855-POS-SALEIn recent years health trends and new higher quality competitors have challenged traditional fast food chains, causing the term “fast food” to carry a great deal of negative connotations. New players are strategically pitting fast food vs fast casual, as the try to distance themselves from the unfavorable phrase.

The term fast food has often been associated with obesity and other health related issues; therefore new players have been careful to brand distinct phrases for their quick serve concepts. More and more we are seeing companies try to positions their offerings as fresher than most standardized processed products traditional chains carry.

Contemporary chains are using terms such as “fast casual” and “fast crafted” in order to differentiate themselves from the stigmatized fast food term.

Long established brands are certainly feeling the pull of the fast food stigma they carry. Chains like McDonalds and Burger King struggle to compete with healthier, fresher, and polished companies, which appeal to larger audiences.

Traditional chains are initiating rebranding efforts promising to locally source ingredients or wean of antibiotic raised poultry.

Quick serve chains have to focus on advertising beneficial options, instead of “fast food” since it has become a plague in the quick serve industry.

As a point of sale provider to restaurants, from quick-serve to full-dining eateries, it is important for business owners and competitors to stay in tune with new-food trends.

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