Developing the Restaurant Experience in 2016

Developing-the-Restaurant-Experience-Article-Sintel-Systems-855-POS-SALENew technological advancements demand all industries, including restaurants, adapt and form a digital presence in order to remain relevant. Implementing digital strategies is no longer an option and the new year will bring more restaurant operators concentrating on developing the restaurant experience through in-app integration and technology.

In an excerpt from specialist discuss the following aspects developing the restaurant experience in 2016.

Mobile Ordering and Prepayment

Some of the biggest developments in 2015 was mobile ordering and payment.Quick service chains like Starbucks began in-app ordering and payment features to boost sales, decrease wait time and increase turnaround time.Now we’ll begin to see some of the same features tackling similar disadvantages at sit-down restaurants.

Allset, which launched roughly three months, is working to eliminate annoying wait times with more than just reservation. Unlike most reservation apps, Allset allows you to order food and have it served when your arrive. To complete the process, users can also make a payment through the app.

Even if you did have a reservation and saved some time, Allset, diminishes wait time at every point of your dining experience. It an easy solution to having a great sit-in meal with a limited amount of time,

More than 100 restaurants in the Bay Area have partnered with Allset, which will help bring in new customers and increase lunch sales by 30%.

Finding the Perfect Restaurant

With so many restaurants, bars, and cafes dishing out tasty meals, it becomes difficult picking the right place to dine.

Yelp and UrbanSpoon were able to connect local eateries and users but finding the perfect bite is increasingly becoming a social thing. As these apps tie into users social media accounts finding the perfect restaurant becomes personal. They connect users with places their friends have dined out and reviews from intimate relationships.

Payment Apps

Mobile payments gained traction in 2015 with features such as Apple pay and mobile wallets. This year should be no different as this niche market continues to expand.

Mobile payments will become mainstream, especially in the restaurant industry amidst apps like Cover. It is a simple solution to paying at participating restaurants. All the user has to do is check in upon arrival and pay through the app as they leave. Cover also allows users to easily split the bill, even with people who don’t have the app.

Computers vs waiters

Although employees can not be completely replaced, Tablets and Computers are progressively taking over some of their

Last year Chili’s implemented tabletop tablets where customers were able to place orders and pay without needing a server.

Restaurants can profit from tablets during down time when not many servers are needed, thus cutting costs. They also allow customers with limited time to grab a quick bite without much wait.

Although questionable, tablets use will become more widespread in 2016.

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