Restaurants and technology deliver better customer service

Restaurants and technology deliver better customer service

Technology has slowly but surely invaded every moment of our daily lives. From shopping to reading books to even communicating with loved ones, we can do it all online.

Restaurants are now joining the game.

When ordering a pizza online you can oversee exactly what step of the process the pizza is in before being delivered to your home. From the adding of the toppings to being taken out of the oven, you can watch it all from your home computer.

There are other forms of technology that restaurants are now using to make their customers happy, such as :

  • Mobile ordering
  • IPad order kiosks
  • Facebook ordering
  • Tabletop e-waiter and check out
  • Digital menu boards
  • Online coupons

And if that wasn’t enough, companies like OpenTable, allow you to make reservations for restaurants all across the country from the privacy of your own home. Instead of having to make the reservation yourself, you simply just have to choose the restaurant, the number of people in your party, and it will show you what/if reservations are still available.

While these technological advancements are meant to make your customers happy, we at Sintel Systems carry hardware and software meant to make the business owner happy.

With a Point of Sale System from Sintel Systems – managing your back office, training your employees, and organizing your inventory will be so much simpler.

Not only will you be happy, but your customers will be as well when they see how efficiently a your business runs with a POS.

Sintel Systems is a quality provider point of sale systems to the frozen yogurt industry and creameries (ice cream, gelato, etc.). You can see our videos on our frozen yogurt POS systems in English & Spanish. Single Source Business Solutions! Hardware – Software – Support

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