Chinese Restaurant POS System

Fang Wang has set out to promote traditional Chinese cuisine to the whole world and has decided to make this happen through her restaurant, Café Wang. Her son, Chris Li, turned out to be just as passionate about food as she was. Fang Wang (as owner of Café Wang) along with Chris Li (manager of Café Wang) have now both embarked on a similar path to bring what they call “a unique taste of China into the US.”

It is for this reason that Fang Wang has come to think that its time she let her son design their restaurant’s menu and to renovate the restaurant.

The renovation consisted of redesigning the café’s logo. Both mother and son wanted the logo to be representative of the connection between their Chinese family heritage and the US. This was achieved by integrating Chinese calligraphy and English writing. With a perfect logo ready to go, it was time to move on to renovating the restaurant to better serve their customers.

CafeWang-Chinese Restaurant POS- Sintel

Chris Li partnered with Sintel Systems for a new Point of Sales (POS) system that would really amp how smoothly and efficiently Café Wang ran on a day to day basis. Café Wang was quickly outfitted with a Chinese Restaurant POS and Kitchen Display System (KDS).

Back when they used the printer system, “sometimes a lot of the paperwork would get shuffled and would be hard to kinda make sure everything was in order,” says Ken who works at Café Wang.

Ken states that, “Sintel’s one stop system has definitely simplified what we need to do.”

And according to Ken, “With this system we’re able to have something… in real time, we can see what has to get done and we can quickly identify, make changes, and overall just the efficiency….Just to get food out in the most efficient way possible, I think that’s the greatest thing about this system.”

This is huge for a restaurant that needs a fast system and efficiency above all, to run at its best. Fang Wang and Chris Li agree that they very much like the new Sintel POS system, as do the workers.

“This is the best system among all others that I’ve tried before…. This system is fast,” says Chris Li.

Chris Li also makes mention of Sintel System’s technical support service. He spoke saying, “This company provides excellent support service. Whenever I want to make some amendment, I’ll just call them up and the amendment can be done within 5 minutes. All amendment or deletion can be done promptly, regardless of price or menu.”

Ken agrees and states that the “Sintel support system has been top-notch. Whenever we’ve had to make many changes….we can either call them, basically 24 hours a day, if need be.”

Sintel Systems proved to be exactly what this restaurant needed. Café Wang’s new POS system acts as one more tool this restaurant has in its grasp in helping Fang Wang and Chris Li on their way to sharing their food with the world.

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