Oregon Candy & Chocolate Chain Modernizes Sintel Systems POS

Goody’s, a candy and chocolate chain located in Oregon, has been making its own handmade chocolates, candies, and ice cream for over 30 years. Goody’s is however, better known for selling its assortment of chocolates. They make roughly around 20 tons of chocolate in just one year.

Goody’s chocolates do not include additives, preservatives, or waxes. They also pride themselves in having gluten free chocolates and their chocolates have been such a success that they have been expanding. Goody’s now has 4 locations across the state of Oregon.

Goody’s sells chocolates filled with caramel, cream, melt-aways, velvets, nuts, and toffee. Chocolate bars and other chocolate covered treats like chocolate covered pretzels, Oreos, and potato chips are also available at Goody’s stores.

Their delicious chocolates and candies can be purchased by the piece or by the pound. This means Goody’s uses a POS system with an integrated scale in order to sell by weight.

Selling by weight requires that a product, such as chocolates, to be placed on the scale, the weight is then displayed, and the calculated total price of the item by weight will be shown on the POS screen. This is similar, if not exactly, how frozen yogurt shops charge for frozen yogurt as well. Stores like Goody’s and frozen yogurt shops need a POS system that has a full integrated scale function.

For businesses that require a scale function to sell by weight, Sintel Systems can provide an excellent POS system. Businesses like Tutti Frutti are very pleased with their Sintel System’s Frozen Yogurt POS solution.

Frozen yogurt isn’t however the only self-serve business we cater to since bakeries, coffee shops, candy stores, and grocery/produce shops are also in need of a scale system.




Sintel System’s integrated scale software system can help your business run better. The POS system will automatically read the item’s weight once placed on the scale which reduces the chance of having an employee make an error and deliberate shrinkage will also be avoided. Without having the need to input anything, seeing as the POS does it automatically, shops will be able to process more customers in a shorter amount of time.


Sintel Systems is the leading global, direct and single source POS Provider to the bakery, frozen yogurt, coffee shop industries and more. Sintel Systems offers unlimited technical support as part of its support plan and provides hardware support, software support, cloud services, gift/loyalty card network with mobile app and embedded merchant account services.

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