Costco Tests POS Kiosks

Costco is a chain of warehouse shopping clubs that is second only to Walmart as the largest retailer. Costco is now looking to test ordering kiosks point of sale technology at their food courts.

POS kiosks have been a rather recent innovation that have not only allowed for faster service, but they have pleased customers across different industries, from quick serve restaurants (QSR) to those who shop at convenience stores. Two Costco stores, located in Tustin and Pacoima, California, are testing these new touch screen ordering kiosk POS systems to see if they can help cut both lines and waiting time at the stores’ food courts.

The food courts at Costco are essentially fast food restaurants quickly serving prepared foods such as pizza, pretzels, hot dogs, etc. The POS systems utilized at the food courts are designed for QSR operations unlike the retail centric ones at the checkout lanes.

Anyone who has ever shopped at Costco knows how long the lines at the food court can get. The new kiosks let customers order their food, pay with card, and then get their food at one of the designated food pickup windows. typically orders placed at kiosks are either sent to Kitchen Printers or Kitchen Display Systems (KDS).

According to Erika Kincaid in her article “Faster eats: Costco tests ordering kiosks at California food courts,” Costco is also trying to “to keep more would-be diners in-store. If the warehouse store is able to drastically scale back lines and cut down on the wait time, it could see a nice bump in food court sales.”

Costco has been facing more and more competition from online retailers like Amazon, but its sales show that it has been doing well even in the face of adversity. Kincaid writes that it is Costco’s “value perception among customers along with the quality of its products, the strength of its private label sales and the treasure-hunt appeal of its shopping experience” are what continue to drive its growth.

But it’s interesting to consider that with Costco’s testing of POS kiosks, they start to show that “it wants to compete with fast-food and fast-casual chains that have implemented kiosk technology.”

And if Costco does make a move to adopt the kiosk POS technology, it could set Costco on people’s radar as not only a place to shop, but a place where they prefer to eat as well.

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