Pinkberry Unveils Delivery

pinkberry delivery article @ Sintel SystemsPinkberry frozen yogurt is now available for delivery through a partnership with service- delivery app Postmates and Pinkberry.

Pinkberry has become the first frozen yogurt chain to provide on demand frozen yogurt. Currently only operating in New York and Los Angeles, the program was recently extended to franchisees.

Being frozen yogurt is a time sensitive item, the Pinkberry team worked hard to create the perfect combination of insulation and timing. They had to define the exact travel distance to delivery areas, whether there is or isn’t traffic. Before traveling yogurt is packed among ice in an insulated travel bag.

With Postmates, Pinkberry found a service that was able to provide the capabilities to deliver their deserts. Postmates delivery personal order through the normal line to allow remote customization.

Customers may also choose from pre-set party packages or other desert options.

To order visit Postmates website or mobile application.

A flat fee of $4.99 is added to the total purchase price no matter the size of your order.

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