Food Allergy Training


In a previous blog we talked about the growing number of gluten-free takeout orders .

Now the company MenuTrinfo , a nutritional analysis and allergen identification program for foodservice operators, recently added AllerChef to its menu analysis and training certification programs. describes the program: “AllerChef™ provides training for chefs on how to make gluten-free and allergen-friendly menu items in today’s commercial kitchens. The live online webinar, guided by an AllerTrain™ professional, lasts approximately 90 minutes.”

In an article on Restaurant News , MenuTrinfo founder Betsy Craig describes the growing need for AllerChef:

“As the special-needs diner segment grows, it is the responsibility of foodservice providers everywhere to make sure their menus are served with confidence and that the dishes they prepare are free from cross contact – from the kitchen to the table. We are excited to offer chefs and foodservice directors the next level in hospitality training.”

MenuTrinfo already has the program AllerTrain  “[Which] teaches food handling procedures to ensure safe delivery of meals to diners with food allergies, intolerances, or sensitivities, including gluten intolerance and celiac disease…”

The restaurant world is constantly changing along with the needs of your customers. It is important to make sure that your restaurant is able to serve to a large variety of people and especially to those diners with special-needs.

The full class schedules for AllerTrain and AllerChef here

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