Looking for a franchise POS? Here’s a few good reasons why Sintel Systems is your provider.

A few good reasons why Sintel Systems is your franchise POS provider.

Hampton Hotels, Subway, Pizza Hut and McDonalds are just some of the top franchises in 2013. Do you dream of turning your business into a franchise?  Whether it’s having a few locations around town or stores all over the country, customers all over the world and you being control of it all?

Why should Sintel Systems be your Franchise Point of Sale provider for your business?

The answer is easy. As a leader in business information systems, Sintel Systems can take the place of many vendors and offer you the best services you need to run your business.

Visualize that a popular pizzeria in Chicago was looking to franchise. Their business was doing so well in Chicago, that they believed they would receive the same response if they opened a pizzeria in California and Florida. Two states not known for their pizza.  Through Sintel Systems, the pizzerias in California and Florida would be controlled from the cooperate location in Chicago using a private virtual network which allows for access to each stores database.

Through our Application Service Provider (ASP) capabilities, any corporate location can see such information as:

  • 1. Total Sales Summary
  • 2. Detailed Sales Report
  • 3. Credit Card Summary
  • 4. Cancelled Transactions
  • 5. Customer Analysis
  • 6. Sales Analysis
  • 7. Various Sales Counts by Store
  • 8. Comparisons by Store
  • 9. Back Office Setting Access

The corporate headquarters of the pizzeria in Chicago, wouldn’t have to wonder what the sales were like in their franchise in California. All they need to do is look to their Point of Sale system. If there was ever need for technical support or assistance in training, Sintel Systems is a complete, all-in-one solutions provider, with friendly, quick and knowledgeable round-the-clock service and support.

Sintel System’s FlexGiftcard program enables franchises to create fully customizable gift cards. The cards can be tailored to your business and valid at any store that opts in.

Contact Sintel Systems and receive complete information on ASP, Gift Cards, Point of Sale Technology, and more. You can also find out more information by visiting our Franchise Services web page.

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