Who is Chicago’s best Pizzeria POS provider?

Who is Chicago’s best Pizzeria POS provider?

Chicago is the third most populated city in the United States. It is known for its music, architecture and most importantly its food.

Sure you have your Chicago style hot dog and Italian beef. But when most people visit Chicago they want a piece of what Chicago is famous for: the pizza.

Pizzerias in Chicago have thin crust, pan pizza and of course deep dish. There’s also oven-fired, bake-at-home, Neapolitan – the list is almost endless. And don’t get us started on the variety of topping options and other food pizzerias serve, such as pastas, steaks, salads and desserts.

As a pizzeria in Chicago, it’s tough to serve such a demanding audience in a town so know for this fabulous dish. For Chicago pizzeria owners and staff, it’s critical that they are concentrating on clients and pizza and letting their POS provider, like Sintel Systems, focus on the rest.

Sintel Systems knows Chicago and what’s needed to make a pizzeria successful.

This past March, at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, Sintel unveiled their newest point of sale software tailored exclusively for the pizza industry.

Sintel Systems did its research by traveling to cities such as New York, San Francisco and Chicago to taste some of the country’s best pizza and get an understanding of what is involved in running a pizzeria.

The result from their work is a point of sale software that matches the fast-paced and detailed requirements of a pizzeria, but that’s also easy-to-learn and use, i.e. a POS experience that is not created for a technical expert that has a lot of time.

Their POS software quickly moves a client from placing an order to order delivery and everything in between. The key to Sintel System’s POS software is that it combines simple user interfaces with powerful management tools. Each order detail is easy to make and clearly marked.

Some of the key features include:

  • 1. Fast and accurate order processing
  • 2. Training and support
  • 3. Effective management program
  • 4. Employee scheduling & time sheets
  • 5. Kitchen Display
  • 6. Label Printing for Boxes

Sintel Systems will also provide all the technical support and training needed to help your business learn its POS system.

This allows the pizzeria owner to focus on the customer and the product. Sintel Systems can focus on getting the transactions completed, quickly and easily. The result is a customer that’s thrilled to have a great pizza delivered fresh.

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