Los Angeles Wage Bill Signed

LA minimum wage article @ Sintel SystemsSigned by Mayor Garcetti, bill to increase minimum wage has made Los Angeles the largest city with an expected $15 wage.

Starting July 1, 2016, minimum wage increase to $10.50 cents will apply to companies in the LA county with 26 or more employees. Companies with less than 26 employees will have until 2017 to increase their wage.

LA based restaurant, Tender Greens, has formerly given higher wages in order to be an employer of choice. New measures will put pressure on their positioning.

Co founder for the health conscious chain claims increasing the wage in such a short period will be disruptive to the industry.

Young adults will be most effected by the wage increase. Similar to San Francisco, employers will demand fair talent for higher wage but it is not the cause with most employees.

According to the proposal Los Angeles minimum wage will fixed to the consumers price index after 2020.

The ordinance does not include independent cities inside the Los Angeles County, including Burbank, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and West Hollywood. Although, these cities will likely feel the pressure to adopt similar wages.

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