Mobile Ordering Success through Sintel System’s POS

Foot traffic is drastically decreasing which is leading businesses in the food and drink industry to invest in mobile ordering. Quick serve restaurants (QSR) are trying to push their customers to use their phones to order since it provides customers with much more convenience.

Not only that, but restaurants are seeing an increase in their sales because more and more people are ordering through the mobile app. Two such companies are McDonalds and Starbucks, who as two of the biggest chains in the US, are leading the way in mobile ordering.


Starbucks was one of the first to adopt mobile ordering and pay, and they reaped the results of their venture in a very short time. According to an article published on Business Insider titled “We tried McDonald’s and Starbucks’ newest weapon to win over customers – and the winner is clear,” states that “In essence, Starbucks has spent the last few years perfecting its mobile app. That effort shows in a much improved mobile-ordering experience that is translating into actual sales.” Their numbers show that mobile ordering and pay make up almost one third of all of Starbucks’ coffee sales.

In the article “Starbucks’ Mobile App: A winner in bridging the retail / digital divide” its noted how “In 2017, McDonalds announced their mobile order app, joining the likes of Dunkin’ Donuts, Chick-fil-A, Domino’s, taco Bell, and Walmart in attempting to leapfrog Starbucks and their period of digital innovation.”

As Starbucks was the first to set an example, it wasn’t long before other big chain restaurants, like McDonalds, decided to follow through and do the same.

Mobile ordering and pay has thus started what Business Insider dubs the “mobile-order wars.”

The Starbucks and McDonald’s apps also make it easier for the customer to customize their orders, which has led to more satisfied customers. The McDonalds app is doing well in doing what it was intended to do which was to speed up service by giving employees more time to focus on incoming orders. And “As more people download McDonald’s app – especially people who value low prices and efficiency over aesthetics – the fast-food chain could give the coffee giant a run for its money.”


For quick serve restaurants looking to advance their sales through online ordering or by adopting a mobile app, Sintel Systems is a direct and single source provider that can help businesses in the food industry with a new POS system. As part of Sintel System’s all-inclusive fast food and QRS POS system package, our customers get a gift and loyalty card network with mobile app, private cloud services, embedded merchant account services, and unlimited technical support with their POS Kitchen Display System (KDS), drive thru KDS, and/or POS terminal. Sintel Systems’ POS system allows for direct online ordering to be done directly from our customer’s website and sent to the POS system without the involvement of any third parties.

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