Nordstrom Hacked By Skimmer Scam Flim-Flam

136712593We were intrigued by a recent blog post, “Nordstrom Finds Cash Register Skimmers,” on Brian Krebs’ Krebs On Security (KOS) website.

The KOS blog points out that most scam artists who deploy debit and credit card skimmers target ATMs, but criminals may also use the inexpensive data storage devices, typically $30 to $40, to exploit modern-day cash registers.

As the most recent news of this disturbing trend, KOS describes a report circulated by the Aventura, FL police about how suspects were seen on a Nordstrom security video tampering with registers and inserting hardware keystroke loggers between keyboards and the cash register terminals.

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According to the police memo, Nordstrom located a total of six devices attached to their registers. “The subjects would have planned to return at a later time to recover the devices and create fake credit cards for fraud.”

Brian Krebs points out that scammers who use these devices on cash registers may not need to retrieve them, saying, “I found several of these hardware keyloggers that include 2 GB of storage and built-in wireless support that allows the devices to connect to a local wireless network and send email reports of the stolen data.”

Be advised, Krebs also noted although the keyloggers seem designed for a keyboard, many retailer cash registers have card readers that will accept them as well.

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Read the full Krebs on Security post here.

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