Oasis Frozen Yogurt in Australia

Oasis Frozen Yogurt Scale + POS picture

Oasis frozen yogurt store,  located at Armadale Shopping City, Store #35 – Jull Street , Armadale, WA 06212, Australia, offers a variety of specials. On Oasis’ Facebook site you can always see the specials and their latest news.

One of their specials is for example a 30-days free membership. You earn this offer when you go to Oasis and buy some frozen yogurt and you receive a FREE 30-day membership at Snap Fitness.

Oasis also offers the “weight guessing”. You fill your cup as always and when you guessed the exact weight of your cup, you will get it for FREE.

Since January, you  also have the possibility to be a join Oasis’  membership. Besides, you can purchase a gift cards too.

Almost always there is something to entertain the customers, for example face painter or balloon twister.

oasis froyo popballs

Oasis’ carries a big selection. Lately they’ve got new toppings like three new POPBALLS flavors (mango, green apple, strawberry) as shown in the picture. As already announced, Oasis has now Nutella/Ferrero Rocher and Watermelon flavor! But they don’t just have frozen yogurt, they also have alternatives like milkshakes.

Except a diverse menu and great dining features, like gluten free meals, vegetarian options, indoor seating, and take away.

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