Providing the right food truck point of sale systems.

Providing the right food truck point of sale systems.

Though it is the beginning of winter for most of the country and it is hard to even imagine standing outside in a line waiting for food, we at Sintel Systems still feel the need to talk about it: Food Trucks.

It seems like nowadays every business from small to franchise-size has a food truck.

Why do we love them so much?

The food truck craze began in Los Angeles , perhaps as early as the 1930’s when the city was already famous for its drive-ins.

Now there are food truck television shows , cook books and even a “Running a Food Truck for Dummies”.

Food trucks are not only popular in America, but in Europe as well. Perhaps they have become so trendy because they allow for consumers to have incredible inexpensive food in five minutes or less.

There is also not one type of food truck cuisine; there’s Indian, Mexican, Pizza, Chinese, Sushi, Cupcake and Frozen Yogurt food trucks. For any type of food you may like, there is most likely a food truck out there right now.

At Sintel Systems, we offer three fast food Point of Sales (POS) models that would work great for any food truck. Because while running a food truck might be cool, a failed POS system could leave you red hot.

The fast food POS models are integrated with functions that allow for transactions to be processed fast and accurately, employee training that is fast and easy and entering your menu items can be done in minutes.

This allows for more time to be focused on what is really important, your food.

We are also a solutions provider. From concept to instillation we will be there for you 100%. If your POS begins acting funny an hour before your lunch rush, Sintel Systems will help you with whatever support or service you may need to make sure you’re ready.

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