The Three Advantages of POS versus Mobile Payment Systems

The Three Advantages of POS versus Mobile Payment Systems

When arriving at your local pizzeria to pick up your to-go order, instead of having you pay with a regular Point of Sale System (POS), they instead pull out a tiny device that allows you swipe your credit card on the owner’s phone.

Would you do it? Do you find this to be safe? Do you think that little device is doing a lot for the business? And what’s the cost?

Mobile payment systems are popping up everywhere from pizzerias, to clothing stores and even in taxis. They work by using a mobile network to authorize the transaction. But there are 3 major problems with them.

1.  Business owners need to watch the transaction fees for each processed purchase. Often, mobile payment fees are higher than what you can get from integrated POS systems.

2. These mobile payment systems may seem more useful for smaller businesses, but a Point of Sale system has much greater capabilities to help you run your business. Not just record transactions like a cash register.

Like we stated in a previous blog, a POS can:

  • Track inventory
  • Maintain customer histories
  • Manage employee time keeping
  • Schedule appointments
  • Integrate credit card processing or merchant accounts

3. While a mobile point of sale system functions the same for each and every business, POS software can be tailored to your specific business. Having a customized transaction processing flow, reporting and capabilities can mean a huge difference in your shop’s profitability and customer satisfaction.

So while they seem convenient, cheap and fun, be careful when considering a mobile payment system for your business. The hidden long-term cost could be anything but small.

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