Subway Talks Pay Pal

Subway article at Sintel SystemsPay Pal, which is closely associated with the eCommerce retailer eBay, is now on Subway’s radar.

Talks of integrating pay pal into the quick service restaurant’s mobile app will allow customers to purchase custom made sandwiches. Pay Pal will also permit customers to make purchases on the Subway website.

Mobile payment integration will begin through Paydiant, a company recently purchased by Pay Pal for $280 Million. Subway is the first customer of Paydiant and Pay Pals joint venture. Pay Pal is attempting to push against its eCommerce boundaries into traditional stores.  With the deal, Pay Pal will receive the worlds largest restaurant chain by unit count.

Ken Moy, director at Global Payments, observes the monumental impact of mobile devices on consumers and expectations for their favorite brands. It will provide loyal customers convenient purchases and add new customers.

For both parties the deal is clearly beneficial. Pay pal has a approximately 169 users and allows another form of payment option for Subway customers.

All of Subway’s 27,000 U.S. locations endorse the mobile app. The mobile app permits customers to choose pick up location, customize the sandwich and integrates their loyalty program. Currently you can pay for your order with debit/credit cards or subway gift cards.

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