Taco Bell’s New Urban Prototype: Yes, They Will Serve Alcohol

Taco Bell Prototype article @ Sintel SystemsEarlier this month Taco Bell announced a Chicago location has indeed applied for a liquor license.

Accompanied by a new urban design, Chicago’s Wicker Park Neighborhood store will be the first to serve alcohol.

Thrillist announced the application for the license included descriptions of “twisted freezes” spiced with rum, tequila, and vodka. Beer and wine will also be on the menu.

The new prototype will not feature a drive thru and will limit alcohol consumption to inside the restaurant.

Owned by a franchisee, all employees will need to be trained according to the National Restaurant Association alcohol service guidelines. Third party secret shoppers will also monitor sales.

Similar designs have also been released in Tokyo and the United Kingdom. Straying away from the one size fits all concept, Taco bells wants to incorporate more of the local designs from the city it inhabits.

Restoring aspects of the building, sustainability will be key in new developments.

Local artists have been hired to help incorporate art and aspects from the neighborhood.

The blueprint is approximately half the size of a regular locations but still offers enough space.Sintel System Restaurant POS Software

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