The top 5 don’ts in starting a store, restaurant or franchise.

The top 5 don’ts in starting a store, restaurant or franchise.

1. Do not leave your job before planning out your next business endeavor.

No one ever said it was easy or inexpensive to start your own business. Before taking the gigantic leap into businesses ownership, it is important to remember to plan. There are a lot of risks involved in beginning a new business, to minimize these risks, stay in your current job. Save money and prepare. That way when you do decide it is time to leave your job, you will feel confident that you are truly ready.

2. Do not open a business in a field you do not enjoy.

Why open a business in a field that you hate? A business is just like a child; you create it, nurture it and raise it. You will be consumed by your business 24/7, so make sure you are doing something you love. Whether its opening your own coffee house, a frozen yogurt shop or a pizzeria, your business needs to be something you are passionate about.

3. Do not risk all of your family assets in opening a business.

Many new businesses do not survive after their first two years of opening, this is a sad but true fact. Your business is most likely the exception to the rule, but it is important to not throw your entire lives’ saving and your family’s savings into a business. You need to remember to leave have some cushion for the bumpy road that may lie ahead.

4. Do not allow your self-confidence to get in the way of your judgment.

You may think your business plan is unstoppable and some people may not agree with you. Unless you have opened a business before that succeeded, you do not know everything there is to know about opening a business.  You need to remain level headed, listen to your peers and your customers. They may not have all of the right answers, but they may have some.

5. Do not forget to include a Point of Sale system on your list.

A Point of Sale (POS) system takes some of the pressure off of you by being the eyes and ears of your business. It offers a number of advantages over a cash register, including tracking employee time, managing the back office and organizing your inventory. With a POS , the business owner has a major advantage when the doors first unlock on opening day.

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