What is the difference between a cash register and a POS system?

What is the difference between a cash register and a POS system?

Everyone always wants to be a super hero growing up. Batman, Superman, Spiderman, it didn’t matter as long as you were fighting crime and had awesome powers. Comparatively, nobody wanted to play the banker. A cash register is like that poor banker character, while a POS is the super hero.

The first cash register was invented after the American Civil War by James Ritty and was patented in 1883. It was nothing but a simple adding machine. Over a century later and little has changed. While a POS system also makes sales transactions, do not even begin to compare a POS to an ordinary cash register.

A cash register cannot:

  1. Track inventory
  2. Maintain customer histories
  3. Manage employee time keeping
  4. Schedule appointments
  5. Integrate credit card processing or merchant accounts

A POS has the ability to do all those things and more. A POS acts as a controlling force, or nerve center, helping keep businesses running smoothly and efficiently. A cash register is one size fits all. Each POS system comes equipped with the key features that are the most important for a specific type of business.

A POS system can be tailored to your needs. Sintel Systems offer POS systems for a wide variety of industries, such as retail locations, salons and spas. They even have a POS programmed specifically for the unique needs of Pizzerias. It is the best and most cost effective Pizza POS nationwide. It combines simple user interfaces with effective management tools and robust processing power for faster ordering.

Can your cash register do that?

You can look to any Office Depot, Staples or Office Max for a cash register. But if you need to maximize your business and profit, turn to a POS. Call Sintel Systems today. Our experts will help you choose the right POS for your needs.

Sintel Systems is quality provider point of sale systems to the entire retail and service industries including juice and smoothie shops. Its clients include major franchise and chain operations.

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