Why you should invest in two or more terminals: Even Starbucks concludes there are not enough POS systems


Image courtesy of FastCompany.com of article Starbucks’s Shoddy Square Rollout Baffles Baristas, Confuses Customers

Are you making plans to open up your prospective business? Sintel Systems understands that clients are always looking for the most cost efficient ways to open up their store by cutting costs where it is necessary.

Many times clients come to us describing that they can only afford one terminal in their cost saving mindset rather then two or more terminals In reality certain aspects such as point of sale should not be looked to as a cost but rather as an investment, a powerful tool towards revenue generation. How will you process the orders of your customers quick enough if you only have one terminal? Take this analogy for example, would you be able to dice more vegetables with a dull knife or a sharp knife?

Having one terminal is like having a dull knife, you’ll have to work harder with more pressure, producing smaller amounts versus having two terminals (or even more) slicing with ease and pushing out more pieces, producing a faster, higher rate of return while saving you time & energy.

It goes with out saying that customers are more likely to walk out of your store if there is a long line. Trust me when I say customers watch to see how fast your line is moving (because really, we all do this). But if customers can pay for their product and know that it is on the way, they are sure to stay and wait.

Some people come in with the mindset that “one is good for now, when I make more money I’ll buy another one.” But then again, how are you going to make enough money if you operate at a less efficient rate. Stores just opening see the most customers rushing in during the first few weeks after their grand opening than in the following months of operation; the customers have seen your coming soon sign and are waiting for your store to open. People like to try new things. But if you don’t have your store organized efficiently from the beginning, you will lose reoccurring customers or in the end have to work much harder towards getting them to come back. People don’t like to return to a place that they have had a negative experience at.

In an undercover analysts, Chief Equities Strategist Brian Sozzi even concludes that Starbucks needs to increase their number of registers.

To read the full Benzinga article of Brian Sozzi’s concerns on Starbucks, go here.

Sintel Systems knows POS and we know the true value of multiple systems as a gateway to higher revenue. Starbucks has finally concluded this fact for their franchise operation. Now what will you conclude for your prospective opening?

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